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What is a bet?


History of sports betting

From a historical point of view, sports betting has existed since the end of the 19th century, especially with horse races and american baseball.

Ever since the beginning of the 2000s and with the development of the web, sports betting online is made via the Internet by bookmakers.

Definition and principle

Sports betting consists in betting a sum of money on the result of a sport event of your choice. There are several types of bets, from the simplest to the most complex.

Every bet has odds that allow you to know the amount of the profit for the bet in advance (if the forecast is right), depending on the stake of the bet. The odds of the bet can be a hint at what the probability of profit is for the event.

The smallest the odds are, the strongest the probability that the event will happen becomes. The profit of the sports bet will therefore equal the odd multiplied by the stake.

Any person over 18 can bet, particularly on sports events, that are getting bigger and bigger every day.

Betting on a wide range of sports

bettingsportsA great variety of sports, from the most well-known to the least favourite, from the most popular to the least broadcasted, is offered on sports betting sites.

Therefore, bets on football, tennis, basketball, cycling, snooker, darts, curling, motor sports, etc. are a way to answer and satisfy all of sports gamblers' needs and tastes. Everyone uses their knowledge in their favourite area, in order to make the best forecast and therefore increase their chances to win.

The main purpose of such a great choice is for everyone to enjoy themselves.

Here is a concrete example of a Champions League football match opposing Manchester to AC Milan, with a stake of £100 if Manchester wins:

  • Manchester wins: odds of 1.60
  • Draw: odds of 3.90
  • AC Milan wins: odds of 5

So, if Manchester wins : the profit of the bet will be £160 and the benefit will be £60.

If Manchester loses : the stake of £100 will be lost.

Football betting

Football being the most popular sport on a global scale, it holds a privileged spot, whether it is on sports betting sites or in the hearts of gamblers.

footballbettingFootball betting is a wonderful occasion to win. Indeed, the odds offered by bookmakers are advantageous.

Therefore, betting opportunities on European or international competitions are available for gamblers, whether they are beginners or experienced. It is possible to bet on European championships, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, Liga, Premier League, Europa League, etc.

Betting on global competitions like the Copa Libertadores, the African Cup of Nations, the World Cup, etc. constitutes unmissable moments.

Betting on friendly matches or even transfers is now possible. Football betting also means knowing what type of bet is best for you.

Indeed, bookmakers offer several types of football bets, including: Classic 1x2, Double chance, Combinations, Handicaps, Over/Under, Correct score, Number of goals, Half time, Full time (final score), Special bets: related to goal scorers, cards, number of corners, etc, Live betting, which allows you to bet on a match as it is unfolding.

Only your partner can offer you, thanks to their expertise, the ability to apprehend this new form of game.

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Betting Strategies

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