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Poker isn't a fixed and unique card game. Poker is a set of popular variations that you can play online, with friends or in casinos. To demonstrate the rich entertainment that poker offers, we decided to give you all the information regarding the types of variants, namely:

  • Variants in common cards
  • Draw poker
  • The studs

Alternatively, a variation is a different version of a same game. The game that we are talking about here is poker, with its principles and objectives of bases: with a number of cards called "hand", you must make the best possible combination to defeat your opponents and win the pot. The online variants offer you this basis combined with different and specific basic rules.What is a variant?

Even if all these names do not evoke anything for you right now, don't worry, thanks to our poker guide, you will know the principle rules and the course of the game for each of these variants.

We also give an example in each section so that you can fully visualize the principle of the variant. As you learn and train yourself, your pleasure will be multiplied and your passion for the game will never be satisfied!

You will see that there are huge many poker games on offer and therefore provide you with very wide, very important entertainment.

Best Poker Rooms

Last updated, 27 March 2014
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Bet365 Poker

Community Card Poker

Community Card Poker

Community Card Poker

Of course, if you are interested in poker, you must have already heard of some the variant...

Draw Poker

Draw Poker

Draw Poker

Although they are best known games, historically closed forms of poker have been the least...

The Studs

Stud Poker

Stud Poker

Before Texas Hold'em became the phenomenon it is today, it was one of the closed poker gam...

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