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The success of slots machines

Since they were created over 100 years ago, slot machines, often called “one-armed bandits”, have met a great success. Indeed, whether we are looking at real casinos or online casinos, the same statement can be made:

Slot machines are the most acclaimed games by online casino players.

This huge success of slot machines is due to the fact that it is a simple and quick game, in which profits can be truly impressive. Slot machines, whether they are real or virtual, attract players thanks to their design, theme, sound universe, surprising name, simplicity, etc.

Slot machines are the symbol of entertainment for all, which does not require any qualification. Contrary to poker, for instance, few strategies exist with slot machines and the few that are used are based on common sense and rationality, which is something anyone can have.

Another element that explains the success of slot machines is the fact that profits are instant. It is a quick game, thanks to which the life of players can change dramatically in only a few minutes. The wait, once the “Launch” stick or button has been actioned, increases the player's thrill for a mere few seconds and it can lead to intense joy.

A good theoretical knowledge of a universe, and more specifically when it comes to a game, allows you to have good experiences once in the field.

Online casinos

We know that many casino players hesitate to get started with online casinos and that a certain number of people who love the game have similar misgivings. Therefore, we decided to introduce you to the advantages online gambling can bring you. From saving money to the security offered online and the richness of entertainment, we deal with all those elements and many more, to show you how advantageous online gambling can be for you.

Speaking of advantages, we could not neglect to mention the most pleasant slot machines jackpots: progressive jackpots. True means to change your life, slot machine progressive jackpots are explained here, so that once you understand them you can have greater chances to win one.

  Take the time to read our tips on this subject, they could yield a lot!

Strategies and tips

The 1001 bookmakers team also gives you more general tips, in order to play slot machines well, in a section about strategies you can use.

As we already said, having a good knowledge of the universe of the game means increasing your chances of success. Therefore, do not neglect this section, which will allow you to improve your game technique, even though slot machines are games of chance.

Best Online Casinos

Last updated, 09 February 2015
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Slots Machines Guide

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History of slot machines

History of slot machines

The first slot machine The very first slot machine, also called “one-armed bandit”, ...

Principle of the game

Principle of the game

An overview of slot machines Since the creation of slot machines, the only change th...

Slots Machines Types

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Differences between the machines

Differences between the machines

A great diversity Some traditional slot machines are largely known by die-hard ...

Progressive machines

Progressive machines

Individual or common jackpot Within casinos, users can notice the presence of a...

Interactive machines

Interactive machines

A machine appreciated for its creative side The interest for this type of machi...

Themed machines

Themed machines

Machines constantly go through various modifications, and especially to adapt th...

Slots Strategies

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Choosing a type of machine

Traditional is synonymous with speed The machine can be adapted to th... Read more

Reading the pay table

Preparation is beneficial The place of the table is always the same, ... Read more

Choosing a betting unit

The importance of the redistribution rate In a casino, the slot machi... Read more

Not losing too quickly

Criteria to look for on a machine A casino room can offer a wide rang... Read more

The maximum credit

Progressive machine = Maximum credit When using progressive machines,... Read more

Tips to play on slot machines

Occasional players tend not to appreciate slot machines, as the profit... Read more

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