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What is craps?

Craps is a game that belongs to the universe of terrestrial casinos, but it can also be found online.

It relies on a varied system where the unfolding of a game is constantly renewed, since each throw is independent. Indeed, forecasts are made and the result does not relate to all the players present around the table.

This universe is intoxicating, as the atmosphere is noisy and energetic, but efficient at the same time. The bets provoke a rush of adrenaline and this statement is also accurate online, where the atmosphere is thrilling.

Aim of the game

The players must pick the right strategy if they want to see the house advantage fall below 1%, which greatly contributes to profits. The concept is easy and it can be understood by all dice lovers. This game relies mostly on chance, but you still have to play with probabilities in order to win the stake.

A table with partitions is provided to the players. The latter make forecasts on the result that could potentially occur after the dice have been thrown. Both six-sided dice are thrown by the “Shooter” and the goal is to guess the result or a series of combinations.

This concept brings a very interesting and fun element. Sensations are present all through the game, since the gambler has 1 chance out of 36 to find the right combination.


The total of both dice is used most of the time, as a sum can be obtained in different ways:

  • Number 2 or number 12 can be obtained only once.

 dice-1dice-1 dice-6dice-6

  • Numbers 3 and 11 appear only with two combinations.

 dice-1dice-2 dice-2dice-1 dice-5dice-6 dice-6dice-5

  • Three combinations are possible to get a 4 or a 10.

 dice-1dice-3 dice-3dice-1 dice-2dice-2 dice-4dice-6 dice-6dice-4 dice-5dice-5

  • Numbers 5 and 9 can be obtained four times.

 dice-1dice-4 dice-4dice-1 dice-2dice-3 dice-3dice-2 dice-3dice-6 dice-6dice-3 dice-4dice-5 dice-5dice-4

  • There are five different ways to get number 6 or number 8.

 dice-1dice-5 dice-5dice-1 dice-2dice-4 dice-4dice-2 dice-3dice-3 dice-2dice-6 dice-6dice-2 dice-3dice-5 dice-5dice-3 dice-4dice-4

  • Number 7 is obtained with six combinations.

 dice-1dice-6 dice-6dice-1 dice-3dice-4 dice-4dice-3 dice-2dice-5 dice-5dice-2

The game of craps relies on the dice, but the main goal is to devise strategies on a series of throws.

The players will mostly bet on several results, which means the order matters.

Online craps

This online craps section is available for Internet dice lovers. They will find casino platforms where they can play online craps for free.

A guide is available, containing information about the history of dice game, with the different combinations, a description of the table, etc. You will find all the types of bets, as well as tips on how to avoid some of them.

The website also offers a presentation of this muted universe, with information about the rules and a description of the different steps of the game.

Everything is here for you to learn all the rules at your own pace, which will greatly increase your chances to win your craps games!

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Last updated, 09 February 2015
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Craps Guide

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History of craps

History of craps

The history of dice Dice games and their usage for games of chance go back 5,000 yea...

The dice - Combinations

The dice - Combinations

Dice at craps are the same as those used in numerous other games. They are cubic and ...

Craps Rules

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The beginning of a game of craps

The beginning of a game of craps

Placing the bets The game starts as soon as the player or the dealer has placed the chips on the boxes correspondi... Read more

The first throw

The first throw

The game can't start until the bets have been placed. Most of the time, the players do so by placing their chips i... Read more

The point

The point

When the first throw allows the player to get one of the following combinations: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the total is ... Read more

Main bets

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The Pass line bet

Placement on the layout Generally, the players place their bets on th... Read more

The Come bet

The bets placed with the “pass line” strategy are affected only by num... Read more

The Don't Pass bet

opposite of the Pass line The way the “Don't Pass” bet works is the o... Read more

The Don't Come bet

After the first throw, the point is determined for the Pass line. It i... Read more

The Odds bet or associated odds

The “Odds” bet is considered to be the best in the world of casinos. ... Read more

Bets to avoid

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The Big 6 and Big 8

The craps table displays a Big 6/8 box, which refers to a bet on the B... Read more

The place bets

Craps allows players to choose a “place” bet. This consists in betting... Read more

The buy bets

The players can notice similarities between the “buy” bets and the “pl... Read more

The lay bets

opposite of “buy” bets The so-called “lay” bets work in the opposite ... Read more

The field bets

The “field” bets are often used by new players. The strategy is easy ... Read more

The proposition bets

Principle In order to use the strategy of proposition bets, the stick... Read more

The hard way bets

The players have the opportunity to use the “hard way” bets on four re... Read more

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